Information about playing in New York

Every year, hundreds of young GAA players in Ireland express an interest in playing for one of the New York-based clubs during the summer period. 

New York GAA highly recommends that accommodation and work options be figured out before arriving in New York. You should also ensure that your visa allows you to be employed while staying here.

This is an expensive city and while there will be a network of Gaels who will try to assist you, it is very important that you and your traveling companions be able to rely on your own resources and initiative.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I eligible to play for my club in Ireland if I sign an inter county transfer?

Signing an Inter County Transfer is a firm commitment to one club. In order to return to your club or move to any other club in a different GAA unit, another Inter County Transfer form is required. 

At the earliest, a player cannot play for six days after a transfer is granted in Croke Park.  Once both County Committees are notified of a decision on a transfer application by Croke Park, there is a three-day period for an appeal. This period must expire and cannot be expedited. On the expiry of these three days, a player can be registered by his club and the transfer becomes effective. 

2. What is a sanction?

A sanction allows a player compete in the official games of the New York County Board for a limited period before returning to his own club in Ireland. Players who take up a sanction with a club in New York are permitted to compete in Ireland during the same calendar year once the period of the sanction is complete. 

3. Where are the clubs of the New York County Board based?

Almost all of the games within the New York County Board  are played at Gaelic Park in the Bronx which is accessible by subway from Manhattan and is a short drive from Woodlawn in the Bronx.

Most of our clubs are based either in the Bronx or in Queens. Where you choose to live does not necessarily dictate who you play for but the most logical decision would be to live relatively near to where teams train. Each club will advise you on the best decision to make in terms of living location.

There is also a GAA presence in Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn and New Jersey.

4. What is expected of a player arriving in New York?

Respect the club you are joining. Our home based players and club members work year in, year out to make the summer championship games as enjoyable and worthwhile as possible. Understand that your temporary stay in New York can have long term repercussions if you don't treat our clubs, our facilities and our community with the same respect as you would your home club or county.

Respect the terms of your visa. All going well, you will want to return to New York one day and it is important to ensure that immigration requirements are complied with fully.

5. What employment and accommodation options are out there?

We highly recommend that you start your research for both a job and accommodation as soon as possible because the job market in New York is often challenging to break into. 

JI students should register with SEVIS/CIEE within the required time period; some students did not do in previous years and had to leave the U.S. immediately because they did not adhere to the conditions of the J1 visa.

It is also realistic that you will be waiting 3-4 weeks before receiving your social security number although you should have documentation from SEVIS stating that employers can hire you and that your social security number will be issued soon. You will also receive a letter from the social security office that your application for social security is in progress.


Social Security Offices
Office Hours: Mon-Fri (7am–4pm)
820 Concourse Village West, 2 nd floor, Bronx , NY 10451 (between 158 th and 159 th Streets).
Accessible via # 4 subway train to 161st Street
237 West 48th St. , 5th floor, New York , NY 10036
20 South Broadway, 10th Floor, Yonkers , NY 10701 (for Yonkers residents)


Job sources

The Aisling Irish Center has on file a directory of construction companies and bars/restaurants to assist people who are looking for work in these sectors.

Aisling Irish Community Center
990 McLean Ave., Yonkers, NY 10704
914-237-5121 or 914-237-7121

You can also call the following centers for job listings in the Queens/Bronx/NY areas:

Emerald Isle Immigration Center , 4275 Katonah Ave , Bronx , NY 10470 (718-324-3039)

Emerald Isle Immigration Center , 59-26 Woodside Ave , Woodside , NY 11377 (718-478-5502)

New York Irish Center , 1040 Jackson Ave. , Long Island City , NY 11101 (718-482-0908)

Also check the weekly Irish newspapers if staying in Woodlawn, Bronx or Queens/Woodside:


Check out for J1 accommodation and employment opportunities based in Brooklyn, New York.

It is a standard requirement to pay the first month's rent and a month's deposit in advance. The average total rent for a 2 bedroom apartment is $1,200 per month ($600 per room/per person) and $1,500 per month for a 3 bedroom apartment ($500 per room/per person).

Check the Accommodation notice board in the Aisling Center on a daily basis for accommodation in Yonkers and the Bronx , as well as local delis, shops, and launderettes.

Utility bills (electric, phone & internet, cable TV) are usually not included in the stated rent. Depending on how many people you share the apartment with; utilities can cost an additional $120-200 per month.

Before purchasing furniture, check notices boards in your area for any “free furniture” ads. People also throw out furniture in the garbage, some of which can be in great condition. So, keep your eyes on the sidewalks for any unwanted pieces of furniture or electronics!


Check the notice board in the Aisling Center on a daily basis for accommodation in Yonkers and the Bronx. Also, check local delis, shops and launderettes in the neighborhood for rented accommodation ads.


•  CIEE Emergency 1617-646-7300/1888-COUNCIL

•  Consulate General of Ireland , 345 Park Avenue, NY 10154 17th floor ( 51st Street )

212-319-2556 Hours: 10am – 3pm Mon to Fri

•  Photo I.D. cards are available at the Aisling Irish Center

Cost: $20 valid for 1 year or $30 valid for 2 years. By law, you are obliged to carry photo I.D. with you at all times. It might also be helpful to have the phone number and address of the Aisling Irish Community Center , 990 McLean Avenue , Yonkers , New York 10704 .



Montefiore Hospital , 600 E 233 rd St , Bronx

Westchester Family Medical Practice, McLean Ave. , Yonkers , NY 10704

DOCS Medical Center , 471 Central Park Ave , Yonkers

Dr Caridad Fresneda/Dr Johnny Kovoor, 32 Hyatt Ave , Yonkers , NY 10704

Yonkers Community Health Center (sliding scale fees)

30 S Broadway, Ste # 2 , Yonkers , NY 10701
Dr Edwin Pan/OBGYN 914-668-5585
Women's Health Center 914-961-1204

Dr. Paul Klein, 928 McLean Ave , Yonkers
Dr. John Constantine, 300 Kimball Ave. , Yonkers , NY 10704
Yonkers Community Health Center (sliding scale fees)
30 S Broadway, Ste # 2 , Yonkers , NY 10701

In case of emergency, dial 911
Yonkers Police 2nd Precinct, 441 Central Ave , Yonkers  
914 377 7452
Yonkers Police, Central HQ,
Bronx Cops, 47th Precinct, Bronx  


Fares – Metro Card is accepted for all buses and can be purchased locally in some delis or at the subway station. All buses accept metro cards or exact fare in coins only.

Free Transfers – Metro Card allows one free transfer of equal or lesser value if you complete your transfer within two hours of the time you pay your full fare with the same Metro Card. If you pay your local bus fare with coins, ask for a free electronic paper transfer to use on another local bus.

Children - up to three children, 44 inches tall and under are allowed to ride free on subways and local buses when accompanied by an adult paying full fare. Infants (under two) are allowed to ride free on the express bus if the child sits on the lap of the accompanying adult.

Metro Cards can be purchased at:
Tri-Edy's Deli, 4345 Katonah Avenue , Bronx
Woodlawn Gift Shop, 4309 Katonah Avenue , Bronx
Mourad Deli and Grocery, 4201 Onieda Avenue , Bronx
Deli-Citi, 645 McLean Avenue , Yonkers
McLean Pharmacy, 642 McLean Ave , Yonkers

If living in Woodlawn or Yonkers, you can connect to the Woodlawn subway station by taking the # 34 bus (various stops along Katonah Ave) or the # 16 bus at the end of Katonah Ave., on E 233rd St. Pay with your metro card on the bus and you can then transfer free of charge to the subway train.

Bx34 - Local service from Woodlawn to Fordham Road (stops at Woodlawn subway station).

Bx16 - Service between Norwood and Eastchester - stops at Webster/McLean Ave and E233rd St (end of Katonah Ave ) and also at Woodlawn subway station

Bx25 – Goes from McLean Ave/Woodlawn Ave to Cross County Mall and onwards to Getty Square

Express Bus Service (BxM4B):

This bus picks up at certain stops on Katonah Ave and East 233rd St and drops off at various stops along Fifth Ave. , Manhattan - check schedule for route. Note: The express bus returns from Manhattan via Madison Ave NOT Fifth Ave to Woodlawn.

METRO NORTH TRAIN: The Metro North train from Manhattan (Grand Central) to Woodlawn is on the Harlem line. Check for schedule. Tickets for the metro north train should be purchased in advance of boarding the train at the ticket machine.

NOTE: You need to be in the front 4 carriages of some metro north trains when going from Grand Central to Woodlawn! Listen out for announcements made before the train departs.

Local Taxi Companies:
Break to the Border

Home & Away

New Style




•  Travel to/from home with a reputable taxi company and, where possible, travel with friends.

•  Ask the bartender to call a taxi or give you the # of a reputable cab company. Wait inside the bar until the taxi pulls up for you.

•  Have your cell phone handy and if you feel threatened or that you are being followed, call 911. Make a habit of texting a simple message like “got home okay” to a friend you were socializing with when you get home after a night out.

•  Remember that in most cases of rape and sexual assault, the attacker is known to the victim and could be somebody living in this neighborhood based on recent incidents and reports.



•  Tipping – it is customary (and expected) to tip staff 15–20% in restaurants, bars, taxis, hair and beauty salons, etc.

•  Don't be afraid to ask people no matter how stupid you think the question sounds, and always be willing to help other people!

•  Keep copies of your passport and other important documentation in case originals are lost.

•  Research and compare all the cell phone, cable TV and internet providers before committing to a particular company. There are some good deals out there, but once you commit to a provider, you are locked in!

•  Ensure you have access to funds in your main bank account in Ireland via ATM card, with a back up source of funds transferable via online banking or available on a credit card.

•  When opening a bank account, you will need 2 forms of ID, for example, passport with a valid work or residency visa or Green Card, driver's license, credit cards etc (at least one has to be picture ID). You will also need proof of address - utility bills in your name or a lease/rent receipt. You may also be asked for your social security number. It is advisable to open an account near to where you live or work.